Arrival & Dismissal


State Street : Walkers, Daycare and Car Riders

Pearl Street: Buses

Arrival and Dismissal:

Buses, only, will enter and exit the Pearl Street parking lot. Staff will meet your child at the bus and bring them into the building. Please do not park in the Bus/Fire Lane

Car riders and Daycare transportation will enter on the State Street parking lot at door #9. Park your vehicle and walk the child to the door where a staff member will take your child into the building. You must be holding your orange sign with your child’s name. If you forget this we will ask for a drivers license to check you are on your child’s paperwork. Use caution when driving in the parking lot. If you have other children in the vehicle park; wait until all walkers have entered or dismissed from the building. Drive your vehicle to the door, stop at the curb and a staff member will assist you. You will be responsible to either remove or place your child in the appropriate vehicle restraining device.